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Christmas Sales + Specials
Sig News Issue 127
Dec 6, 2019

The biggest Sale Of The Year starts now!

US residents:: To get your package before Christmas, please place your order by Dec 16th.

(And don't forget Gift Vouchers are the most immediate way to give a great gift!)

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Great Gift Ideas 30% OFF!

mineral mate 530

Mineral Mate Platinum

Mineral Mate Platinum

Regularly $20, Only $14!!

As the first lidded makeup mixing tray, Minerals Mate Platinum lets you manage your minerals better and enjoy them more! Designed with 7 wells (3 large and 4 small), this application/mixing tray is perfect for applying all your minerals and so much more...


APPLICATION of your minerals is easy and clean - tapping your minerals into the Mineral Mate wells keeps your counter and lids clean!

STORE your unused minerals to use next time!

MIX colors together to create your own custom shade!

TRANSFORM small amounts of product into new a texture or finish....add a couple of drops of water to turn your eye shadow into something new and amazing!

ADD moisturizer to your foundation, concealer or bronzer to make your own Tinted Moisturizer!

SAVE makeup from being tossed too soon - even the last bit of your favorite lipstick!


1 Mineral Mate Tray, 7 Lids, 1 Silky Storage/Carry Bag


Mineral Mate Platinum is super easy to clean with soap and water. It is also dishwasher safe (top rack only).

makeup-bag 400

The Best Makeup Bag!!

Microfiber Makeup Bag

Regularly $20, Only $14!

Whether for every day use or tossing in your travel bag, this is one classy makeup bag you're gonna love!

Made from quality micro-fiber, not only does this bag look and feel like silk, it is a breeze to keep clean - just a damp cloth will do it!

ROOMY! The convenient mesh pocket can hold several full size jars of minerals, petites, lip butters, mascara, and even your kabuki brush! The four brush slots can hold 4 to 6 brushes, depending on brush size.The detachable zippered case can hold just about anything: makeup, brushes, even all your toiletries!
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Merry Christmas!

Wishing you and yours the warmest, most wonderful holiday season!!

If you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns please let us know! We appreciate the opportunity to serve you!!

Until next year, enjoy! ~ Sig

(The next issue of Sig News will go out January 1, 2020)