About Us

Hi! My name is Leann. I am the creator and founder of Signature Minerals. If you are interested in how we began the wonderful journey known as Signature Minerals, grab a cup of coffee (or any good beverage) and let me tell you all about it...

As a mother I always wanted the best for my family and reading labels was certainly part of that. In fact, it became second nature for me to read the label on every single product I bought at the grocery store. Sure, it made shopping a little more tedious but it was worth it because I was putting the best food on the table. Great job, right? Well...when I had been a nurse for a while, what I already knew started to sink in deep. It isn't just about what we put in our bodies, it is also about what we put on our bodies. I had been doing good in many ways, but I had ignored some pretty important facts - this became painfully clear once I looked at it through "nursing eyes".

As an experienced surgical nurse, I have had the honor of caring for hundreds of the bravest women I have ever met – they are Breast Cancer Survivors. By the time I become their nurse, most have had major surgeries, several rounds of chemo and/or radiation, and reconstructive surgery. In other words, They Have Been Through The Mill. It is because of these courageous women that I realized the paramount importance of positive body image and how the natural approach should fit in.

When we feel beautiful we tend to be more confident, more active, more capable – we just live better!

For women, feeling beautiful usually includes some kind of skin care regimen, at the very least we want to put our best face forward before facing the world. But since so many products contain cancer causing chemicals, what are the options for skin care? for makeup? It made no sense for my daughters, for me, for ANYONE to wear nasty chemical goo day after day.

I searched the cosmetic isles reading label after label and then studied the ingredients one by one. I was just not satisfied with what I found. So my motherly/nursing instinct kicked into high gear and I set out to see if I could come up with my own formula. It was a bit crazy but I wouldn't know unless I tried, and even if I was the only person on the planet to wear it, that would be fine.

It took a lot of studying and hard work but after many months of trial and error I finally had a formula that worked for me! OK, in reality it was just one shade of foundation, but to me it was so much more! Once I gained the courage to wear this new creation to work I got tons of compliments. The best thing was that NONE of the compliments were about makeup at all! It was fellow nurses, social workers and doctors saying: “You look great today!” “What did you do different?” “Wow, somebody got plenty of rest!” It was such a crazy good feeling!! For the first time I knew for sure I was on the right track. Doubters could just stand back and watch because I was all in!

I became a nurse because I needed to make a difference; I created Signature Minerals for the same reason – it was a natural progression!

Confident and determined, I started growing my passion into a business one shade at a time. And with the help of my family, Signature Minerals was officially born in 2006. The response was amazing! Within a few months people all over the country were enjoying their Signature Minerals so much they were reordering and sending testimonials - OH MY GOSH! In 2007 we starting shipping to individuals all over the world! And thanks to customer requests, we added our Signature Natural Skin Care line in 2008.

To be able to do what I love is awesome on so many levels. Knowing it makes a real difference to you is an incredible blessing!


Leann Pass, Creator and Founder
(AKA loving wife, proud mother and grandmother, registered nurse, grateful daughter, blessed sister, thankful friend)

Random Fun Facts (more than you ever wanted to know about me):

I have an amazing husband that still makes my heart throb.

We have 3 grands, a dog and a cat that rule the roost!

I have wanted a mini goat (as a pet) for as long as I can remember.

I make my own earrings because it is so much fun!

I use herbs for everything. My kitchen looks like an herb store!

I love to cook. When I am way too tired, I order Pizza.

The beach is my favorite place on earth.