Sig News Feb 9, 2024 - Last Sale


Sig News Issue 141
Feb 9, 2024

Hi everyone!!!
I know you want to get straight to the Code, but since this is our LAST EVER SIG NEWS, I hope at some point you will take a minute or two to read on.

I am thankful for such a good run - 18 plus years is pretty good for a small business like ours, especially these days. I want to say the thing that made it so amazing was YOU! I have talked with so many of you, and it was YOU that made it all come to life! Some of you are even responsible for many of the shades we came out with over the years. I don't think many businesses could say the same. We have been blessed for sure!

I'm not going to bore you with the emails that make me cry happy tears every day (I actually print them), but I do want to share a memory that pretty much sums up who we are and what we've been doing for all these years....


Shipping and the Big Sale

We got all caught up and re-inventoried. Everything showing on the website is in stock - we even found that we had some things (eye colors mostly, but also some foundations and a few other products as well) we had taken off before, so be sure to look around. When products show out of stock from now on, they ARE.

Shipping should be lightning fast now!!

Use Code

40% OFF everything including Sale Items

To use your COUPON:

Add items to your Cart. Click on View Cart. Click on Use Coupon, type the appropriate coupon code. Click Apply Coupon.

You may use the coupon as many times as you like during the time frame. Sale ends Feb 17, 2024 at midnight central time....earlier if stock is GONE.

This code is NOT retroactive. We will not apply it to previous orders.


Favorite Memory - Magical Really

So many to choose from but this one TOPS THEM ALL -

In our first year, a sweet young mother called wanting advice on makeup shades. While we were on the phone, she was interrupted multiple times by her 2 year old daughter - No Problem. It took a while but we got her shades all figured out. I giggled when she sat the phone down 3 times because I had a busy house too and completely understood!

Fast forward 9 or 10 years, this same sweet mother called wanting advice on her 12 year old daughters' makeup for dance recital - " just enough, not too know," she said. So, we talked (this time without interruption), she sent me a photo, and we got her beautiful daughter sorted out with just the right stuff.

Fast forward 6 more years, the little dancing girl is an 18 year old college student - AND my customer on her own. She had ordered a couple of times before she told me her mother was also a customer. When it CLICKED in my head - it was like Magic!! It's a whole beautiful cycle!!

Fast forward to last year, Sweet experienced Mom called again for advice on eye makeup that would be flattering with a certain dress she would be wearing to her daughters Wedding!

For me, it does not get better than that! Getting to make a difference and to actually be part of the life cycles of such wonderful people is completely amazing! Definitely the best of the best!


Don't Get Duped! Be Aware!

We did not sell Signature Minerals in any way - not our business, not our brand name, not our stock, not our recipes. Not not any of it!

This is important for you to know so you don't get duped. We have some groups wanting to buy us out but it would not have been good (they were talking chemicals and changing things). We had one person wanting to buy our .com, and two more wanting to just buy out stuff. NO.

If you are approached or if you run across anything saying Signature Minerals - STOP. It's not us.
Buy what you want to buy - just know it isn't us.

I can't say it will happen, but I would not be shocked if it did Awareness is KEY.

We are going but Spring Is Coming!

Thank you SO MUCH for allowing us to share with you for all these years - words can't express the gratitude we feel.

Feb 17th is really our very last day. We will be available via email and FB messenger for a while in case you have issues with anything.

We pray you have health, happiness and peace for your whole lives.

I's time to say goodbye now,

I'm gonna see if I can spend March-Aug digging in my veg garden, it will be a whole new sensation. (fingers crossed for good crops)

Officially Signing Out -

~enjoy, Sig