Covid-19 Information

As a Registered Nurse I know this COVID-19 pandemic is truly scary! But the great news is, here at Signature Minerals, we are treating your products as if we are taking care of patients! We. Have. Your. Back.


1) Anyone with a cough, fever or headache or who feels bad in anyway, may not enter.

2) Only ONE person allowed per station/room - one per making, one per filling, one per packing, one per mailing.

3) Strict hygiene protocol which includes:

  • Wash fingers to elbows for 20 seconds.
  • Use Hand Sanitizer for 20 seconds until dry.
  • Put on Gloves (if you touch your face or clothes, change out your gloves).
  • Put on Face Mask.
  • If you take a break....Start Over.
  • Sanitize your work area every hour.

SHIPPING EXPECTATIONS : With our safety protocol, It might take a couple of days longer than usual, but your packages will definitely be on the way as quickly as possible. A delay of more than a couple of days means we are making a product that is required to fill your order.

CALLS/EMAILS:  We are totally focused on getting your orders out as safely and quickly as possible. During this time, PLEASE reserve calls and/or emails for things that are really important. 

ORDERS: Before submitting your order, PLEASE Make sure it is 100% correct and complete.

Please Stay Safe and Be Strong!!



If you have made it this far, you deserve a discount on your order! Use Code smcovid19 for 15% off any order. Discounted items are excluded. Currently, the discount code is good through Nov 30, 2020. We will reevaluate as time goes on!