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"You look radiant today!" "Your complexion is beautiful!"

Natural Mineral Makeup by Signature Minerals

If you're not getting these kind of compliments, get ready! This is exactly what you'll be hearing when you use Signature Minerals makeup and skin care!

Crafted using only 100% natural minerals, Signature Minerals Makeup works with your skin to bring out your own natural radiance and beauty.

Don't be mistaken, this is not the chemical laden powder or liquid makeup that feels heavy, looks like a mask and causes irritation - no way! This is silky smooth mineral makeup that wears as light as a feather, blends perfectly and provides a beautiful long-lasting finish! And it's actually nice to your skin ~ imagine that!

Signature Natural Skin Care is the perfect compliment to your natural mineral makeup. Made from the finest natural and organic ingredients, these skin-loving products are designed to help your skin be exactly what it should be ~ healthy, radiant and beautiful! You will love how these products nourish and pamper your skin!

Signature Minerals ~  because it's time to love your skin again!

· Paraben Free · Bismuth Free · Phthalate Free · No Talc · No Cornstarch · No Petrolatum · No Artificial Fragrance · No Dye

Signature Minerals | Natural Mineral Makeup

Signature Minerals made me feel beautiful again!
I tried signature minerals in a desperate attempt to help clear up blemish prone skin. Although it wasn't a cure for acne, it certainly provided coverage like I had never had before and it didn't irritate existing acne which helped it heal faster. I also noticed that over time, the overall amount of blemishes I had started to decrease.

Although I am not acne free, I feel my skin is more manageable and when I do have an occasional blemish, I am able to conceal it very well. It has boosted my confidence and made me feel beautiful again.

I have also been impressed with the staying power of this makeup. It's been a hot summer, and I still look great at the end of the day!

Thankyou Signature minerals for providing a quality product at a price I can afford!

- Darci, Branson, Missouri, 2011-08-04