Sig News April 2020

April Sales + Specials
Sig News Issue 130
April 1, 2020

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Oil Free Hydrator


25% OFF!

Oil Free Hydrator

2 oz Regularly $22, Only $16.5 through April 30th!

This Hyaluronic Acid (HA) serum is really amazing. We starting making this in 2004, long before HA became popular! We have kept our ingredients pure and our pricing right. If you have not tried it, now is the perfect time.

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Product Reviews!! Please Take the Time!

If you have a little more time on your hands than usual, please take a few minutes to review some of your favorite products - it doesn't take long and it would mean so much!!

How to write a review:
Log In to your account.
Click on the product.
Scroll just below the picture where it shows:
Description | Ingredients | Reviews.
Click on Reviews,
Click on Write a Review.
Then just write!! Tell everyone what the product is like (How it looks, feels, how it works for you, why you like it, etc - If you review a shade, please describe your skin tone; iI you review a skin care product, please describe your skin type. These details really help others understand why it works for you and why it may or may not work for them!). THANK YOU in advance!



The NOW of Things

It is hard to know what to say during times like this when the whole world is battling the unknown, when phrases like social distancing and shelter-in-place are the new buzzwords, when everything is upside down. What I know is we are all in this together and I believe with my whole heart we will come through it stronger than before.

We are still here! Understandably, several calls have come in from people just wanting to know "Can I still order?" and "Are you still shipping?" The answer is YES and YES. We are still here taking every precaution to ensure we stay safe and your products are handled safely.

Safety First. We have always had excellent hygienic practices, but since COVID-19 reared it's ugly head, we have definitely upped our game! Aside from frequent hand washing, gloves and masks, we are also sanitizing surfaces every hour and have only one person in our filling room and one person in our packing room.

With these extra precautions it sometimes might take a couple of days longer than usual, but your packages will definitely be on the way as quickly as possible.

Prayers for All! Please stay safe and sane!

Until next time, get creative! ~ Sig

(The next issue of Sig News will go out May 6, 2020)