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Sept Sales + Specials
Sig News Issue 119
Sept 1, 2018

Happy Labor Day all month!

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To use your COUPON:

Add items to your Cart. Click on View Cart. Click on Use Coupon, type the correct coupon code (as shown above). Click Apply Coupon.

Sale items are excluded. Sale ends Sept 30, 2018 at midnight central time.


Gentle Scrub Exfoliator


40% OFF

Gentle Scrub Exfoliator!

Includes 2 and 4 ounce sizes.
Special is valid through Sept 30th.

You can always find specials here:


A Gift For You!

Orders of $25 or more receive Signature Natural Clear Lip Butter Pot and a Luscious Retractable Lip Brush. Gift Value 12.00!

Signature Natural Clear Lip Butter is made from all natural lip quenching ingredients! Use as is for protection and little gloss OR use your Luscious Lip Brush to blend it with your favorite blush -create your own unique lip shades!!

To request your gift: 1) Make sure your product total is at least 25.00 after coupon. 2) At checkout, write in the Comment Box: Send my Sig News Gift.



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Product Reviews, Please!!

When we rebuilt the website in October 2017 we lost the product reviews - SAD! PLEASE help us by taking a minute to Review your favorite products - it means so much to us and even more importantly it helps people make decisions about what will work for them!!

How to write a review:
Log In to your account.
Click on the product.
Scroll just below the picture where it shows:
Description | Ingredients | Reviews.
Click on Reviews,
Click on Write a Review.
Then just write!! Tell everyone what the product is like (How it looks, feels, how it works for you, why you like it, etc - If you review a shade, please describe your skin tone; iI you review a skin care product, please describe your skin type. These details really help others understand why it works for you and why it may or may not work for them!). THANK YOU in advance!


Baby Jack png

Precious Baby Jack

What Happened to August?

I would like to apologize for skipping the August Sig News. August started off with unfortunate issues with elderly family members (Sad Stuff) and ended with the birth of a new baby boy - Happy Stuff!

Good and Bad - Time was simply not on our side! Thanks for hanging in there with us, things should be back to normal now (fingers crossed)!!!

Wishing everyone a fun and safe Labor Day Weekend and some wonderful Fall weather!

If you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns please let us know! We appreciate the opportunity to serve you!!

Until next time, enjoy! ~ Sig

(The next issue of Sig News is scheduled for Oct 3, 2018)