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Our Customer Testimonials


I haven't received my initial oider yet, BUT, the the ordering process was painless/almost enjoyable!!! Can hardly wait to receive my order. I love playing with make-up. I am no longer working, so I no longer have to wear make-up every day. But this way I promise to wear make-up to go grocery shopping!!!

Susan Tedrahn from Bakersfield, Ca.
I'm so excited!!

As someone who is gluten and corn intolerant, I am so excited! I eliminated those foods from my diet, but not ky make up, and because of that my skin was suffering. Dry, itchy, red patches on my eye lids and under the eyes wasn't my favorite look only being 19. I just received my order and I've already fallen in love. I will be only using your products from now on. Thank you for making cosmetics that are gluten and corn free, and thank you for making it so easy to try the products out! You guys rock!

Hannah from Minneapolis, Minnesota
I love SM!!

Thank you for creating a fantastic product! The samples are a great way to get to know what works. I find that combining 2 shades of the foundation, with the translucent veil gives my skin a radiant, even, healthy look, and my skin actually feels better!! I'm happily hooked!!

El from Washington, DC
In love with the entire line !

I recently got a bunch of samples and I'm so impressed it's one of my favorite natural mineral brands now . I'm definitely coming back for full sizes! The quality is top notch ! Everything has great pigment and stays put all day and I live in Hawaii !

Stephanie from Hawaii
I love this stuff!

I ordered a sample kit because it was such a good deal. I figured I probably wouldn't actually buy a full size product but I will defiantly be back to buy some full size products! I love this stuff! It's so fine milled and goes on so nice! It doesn't feel like your even wearing makeup and last all day. I can't wait to try more products!

Kristin from Michigan
my favorite mineral makeup!

I have used almost every mineral makeup available. I have acne and acne scarring so I like a a foundation that will cover and not cake up and change color and this is it! You truly have an amazing product. Thank you! FYI I love how you are able to sample 6 colors for one cent. That shows how you really stand behind your makeup and your sample lasted me almost 2 weeks of everyday use. I will continue to purchase your mineral makeup.

andrea from Toms River
Signature Minerals Make-up

I love these products. I'm so glad I found them. I have issues with corn and when I googled corn free make-up I found them. I have found a great improvement in my skin.

Betty Barrere from Mobile, Alabama
makeup mineral

Há algum tempo comprei amostras da Signature Minerals e adorei. É maravilhosa! Em breve comprarei mais.  Translated:

Some time ago I bought Signature Minerals and loved. It's wonderful! Soon buy more. 
Nizeti Marrone from Brasil
You Rock!

Your customer service is fantastic and I will be telling everyone how great I think you are.. Thanks again

Sharon Ballentine from Lincolnton
Ageless Makeup

A many years customer I love your products.l am over 70 and nobody believes my age due to my secret weapons..no soap on my face AND signature mineral makeup. Also your customer service folks are the best so kind courteous and friendly Thank you all!

Elana Cravey from Portola Hills, California.
I get told I look 20 years younger!

Everytime I wear my mineral makeup I get told I look 19. Considering I am 39, this always amazes me. I use foundation in 0 and the primer. As well as soft sun corrector under my eyes and soft mint corrector on any red areas. I get so many compliments on my "amazing and flawless" complexion. And I have to laugh and tell them that it is the makeup. Wonderful products!

Heather Adams from Gulf Shores, AL
Great trust worthy product and company!

I've been interested in mineral makeup ever since high school but was hesitant to try because of my acne. At first I tried drugstore brand mineral makeup. Maybe it was my lack of skills in applying, but I felt it was heavy and didn't match my complexion Then I got a chance to try the leading brand but I read many reviews about break outs which scared me but I gave it a go anyways. Turns out it broke me out as well! So I did more research and stumbled upon Signature minerals.

jeanette from new york
What terrific products and speedy service!
Greetings from Palestine, TX,
THANK YOU in great measure for shipping my latest order so quickly.  It arrived yesterday -- MUCH faster than I had anticipated!!  Made me smile!!  Everything was in order, and beyond what I expected -- greatly appreciated.  Thank you for your generous portions and opportunity to obtain such high quality mineral cosmetics in a variety of sizes.  The samples unlimited fits me well, as not only does a small amount go a long way on me, but since I wear makeup only a few times a week, the amount overall lasts a LONG time.  Thank you for your terrific company and service!  :))
Blessings to you,
Connie Kiser from Palestine, TX
Signature Minerals made my life better!

I have been using Signature Minerals so long I started to forget how amazing it is!

4 years ago my skin could best be described as a irritated, acneic, oil slick.  I found your products and fell in love immediately because the makeup covered and smoothed out my skin to near perfection. On the next order I got the skin care, because why not try it? After a couple of months I noticed my BARE SKIN was drastically improving and I was not having the same problems as before.

Over time I started taking this company and these amazing products for granted. Sig Min is part of my daily routine so much that I started to think of it as mine alone!

Last week at a family gathering my sister pulled out old photos and o man!  Looking at those photos reminded me of how Signature Minerals changed my life! Before Sig Min makeup and skin care came into my life my face and my life was a mess. I never felt pretty and I had no self confidence. I cannot imagine being that person now.

I appreciate you Signature Minerals!!  This company, this makeup and skin care is part of who I am now, oddly enough it has helped be a better person.  Tomorrow I may take you for granted again but today I THANK YOU for making my life better.

Always and Forever Grateful,


Shania Moorehead from North Carolina
Super Impressed
I can't tell you how exciting it was to discover you guys here at Signature Minerals.  The descriptive helpful foundation shade matching chart is pure genius, please don't ever get rid of that.

I wasn't really looking for a different mineral foundation, but I couldn't pass up the free samples.  Now, I am so glad I didn't! I received my sample set yesterday, and with my husband's help, was matched to the right foundation shade.  The Angel Wings veil?  Beyond fabulous.  Where has THAT been all my life?!  How did I not find out about this sooner?  No more ghastly pale!

I've been using BE for a little over two years now... and let me tell you, the difference between putting on your stuff and theirs was like night and day.  I was super impressed at how soft your powders are, and even more impressed with how quickly they blended in with my skin.  It also left my skin feeling SO much softer than anything I've tried.  My face just felt lighter.

I have super oily oily skin (and it's summer to boot), and would get about 5 hours of wear with BE before my oil would eat through my shine control primer, BE mineral veil, and BE mineral makeup, and show up as that slick shiny sheen on my forehead, nose, and cheeks.  Your mineral veil and foundation held up better with the same primer, at 6 hours!

To help with additional oil control, I'm thinking of mixing the kaolin clay you guys have for sale with the SM foundation, on top my primer and the Angel Wings veil.  Also, you can bet that I will be getting some your Primer to try.

I used to look at makeup like it was an additional chore, especially with the prices continuing to rise at BE.  Not anymore!  This is exciting for me!  Signature Minerals, I am now a customer for life!
Jennifer from Muncie, IN
I LOVE this makeup...
I LOVE this makeup.  After using BE for years, I started to realize that it just didn't make my skin look that good for the amount I was paying.  I ordered some free samples from Signature Minerals and I am in love! Not only is it a better color match than BE, but it also goes on more smoothly and looks completely natural.  I am so glad I tried this!
Emma from New York
Love Signature Minerals!
Received my sample foundations and I absolutely love them!! I am so happy to have found a foundation that I don't have to paste on my face. I use a combination of 12.0 and 13.0 foundation and they blend so beautifully and the look is so, natural. I love the multitasking concealer and the Island Princess Bronzer as well. I am planning on getting a full line of makeup very soon; from primer to finisher - Order is in my wish list :-)). Let's just say I am now OWNED for life by Signature Minerals!
Melody from Charlotte, NC
A very happy Make Up Artist!
Hi, My name is Jessica and I am a Make Up Artist.  I just recieved my eyeshadow samples from Signature Minerals. I have tried several lines of mineral makeup and have disliked all of them, but I am very happy with my new eyeshadows, very nice pigmintation, easy to work with, you dont have to keep packing it on the eyelid, (I love bright colors). I ordering my minerals from Signature Minerials from now on, THANK YOU!!!!
Jessica MUA from Virginia
Thanks Signature Minerals
I really like your make up and cleansers. I need to sleep with a cpap macine for sleep apnea. This gives me acne like when I was in school wearing glasses daily. The fresh face cleanser helps my face stay comfortable all day. It cleans better than any other skin care product I have used before. I very much like the make up also. The colors have variety, all are quality and it wears good all day. Thank you for helping me look nice.  
Sandy from San Diego, CA
Pure Genious!!

I was first drawn to your site while in search of the perfect make-up bag.You guys only had one and it looked perfect compared to the many I saw ranging from $10-$100. Plus, it was on sale at the time.. such an amazing price.

I wasn't really interested in the makeup.. I don't wear much makeup, but I couldn't resist free samples. I picked 6 shades of foundation and found one true to my color. Usually powder and even mineral makeup looks cakey on my skin but these are just amazing. I put a little moisturizer before putting on the powder. It's the perfect light coverage... my true skin shows through but any little redness and imperfection just fade away! It also works well when I break out. I feel so natural, healthy and confident when I wear it. I will never turn to another powder. pure genious.