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Waterbased Nail Polish

Waterbased Nail Polish

Water Based Nail Polish

WaterColors: Water Based Nail Enamel

I admit we were hesitant about trying this "water-based polish" but, because of your requests, we tried it. And the fact that you ~ our amazingly brilliant customers ~ know what you are talking about, should not ever surprise us!!

So here you have it...Brought to us by Honeybee Gardens, this unique water-based nail polish is non-toxic, odorless and absolutely beautiful!

No toluene.
No dibutyl phthalate.
No formaldehyde.
Pigmented with Minerals.

This is NOT your traditional nail polish. It is wonderful but has it's eccentricities so PLEASE read all the important information below before purchasing or applying WaterColors - Thanks so much!

Cherokee (chocolate gloss)
Cherokee is a chocolate brown polish. Gloss finish. This water-based system contains NO tolue..
Clear (top and base coat)
Clear acts a Top Coat and Base Coat. It looks milky white but it dries completely clear. Gloss fi..
Desire (warm brick gloss)
Desire is a warm brick polish. Gloss finish. This water-based system contains NO toluene, dib..
Destiny (pinkish beige frost)
Destiny is a pinkish-beige polish. Frosted finish with NO sparkle. This water-based system co..
Fairy Dust (palest pink shimmer)
Fairy Dust is a very pale pink polish. Shimmering gloss finish. This water-based system conta..
Goddess (pinkish plum shimmer)
Goddess is a pinkish plum polish. Shimmering gloss finish. This water-based system contains N..
Hippie Chick (red-violet gloss)
Hippie Chick is a medium red violet polish. Glossy finish. This water-based system contains N..
Manicure White (white gloss)
Manicure White is a white polish suitable for a French Manicure. Glossy finish. This water-ba..
Mocha Latte (coffee with cream frost)
Mocha Latte is like coffee with heavy cream. Frost finish. This water-based system contains N..
San Francisco (peach frost)
San Francisco is a peach polish. Frost finish. This water-based system contains NO toluene, d..
Tuscany (pinkish lavender frost)
Tuscany is medium pinkish lavender. Frost finish. This water-based system contains NO toluene..
Vintage Merlot (deep wine gloss)
Vintage Merlot is a very deep wine polish. Gloss finish. This water-based system contains NO ..
Wildfire (fire engine red gloss)
Wildfire is a brilliant fire engine red. Gloss finish. This water-based system contains NO to..

The Basic Differences.
You know WaterColors does not contain formaldehyde, toluene, dibutyl phthalates or dye (FD&C colors). So without getting too technical, let's explore a little further.

Regular polishes are solutions of nitrocellulose resins in strong chemical solvents. As the chemical solvents evaporate the Nitrocellulose forms a hard film. These harsh, bad-smelling solvents, are then also used to remove the polish (your run-of-the-mill polish remover) by dissolving the film.

By contrast, WaterColors water-based polish uses an emulsion resin in the form of particles suspended in water. As the water evaporates, the particles touch each other and form a hard, tightly knit film. This hard film is no longer soluble in water.

At first, it may seem that these systems are similar except for the base (chemical or water). But they are in fact very different. One cures by reversible chemical solvent evaporation, WaterColors by creating a tightly knit film. Chemical based polish is easily dissolved, WaterColors not so easily. PLEASE READ ON...

Store WaterColors at room temperature. Cold temperatures can thicken the polish. If it thickens, add ONE drop of WATER to the bottle and shake well. This should return the polish to normal consistency. If it does not, the polish had been too cold for too long and needs to be replaced.

-Shape your nails, clean up your cuticles and wash your hands/feet.

-If using cuticle oil make sure the oil has penetrated the nail before painting.

-Shake before using.

-2 or 3 thin coats will dry faster than 1 thick coat.

-WaterColors Clear acts as a Basecoat and a Topcoat. It looks milky but dries clear.

-You CANNOT use chemical solvent based polish, topcoat or basecoat with WaterColors - it will not work.

Drying/Hardening Time.
Dries to water-resistance in about 15 minutes. Withstands dish liquid or shampoo in about an hour (longer in cold temperatures or high humidity). About 75% of the hardness is achieved very quickly, but it needs 4-6 hours to achieve maximum hardness. The more time you give it to cure properly, the longer it will wear. For this reason you may choose to apply it at night when the day's activities are done.

-If you don't allow time for maximum curing you may get worn areas at the tips or scratches - ugh. But because WaterColors creates a thin film, these areas can be touched up to create a freshly-applied appearance.

Saturate a textured cotton pad or gauze with Non-Acetone polish remover, rubbing alcohol, or vodka/grain alcohol. Let the saturated pad sit on the nail for a few seconds then rub with gentle pressure until it is completely removed.

-If you polish over very dry nails and/or wear your polish for extended periods it will take more effort to remove - but it will come off. Do not scratch at the nail.

-Since it is a water-based system, WaterColors will NOT come off with acetone based remover.

water, water-miscible acrylic, polyurethane formers and thickeners, non-ionic soaps. May contain: ultramarine blue, carmine, mica, iron oxides, and/or titanium dioxide