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Natural Lip Butter

Natural Lip Butter

Signature Lip Butters are made with all natural lip quenching ingredients including organic oils, natural filtered bees wax and mango butter.

Lip Butter Tubes are available in original clear, healing herbal clear, and naturally flavored clears.

Lip Butter Pots are available in clear and several requested colors - pigmented with pure minerals - they contain no chemicals, dyes, or anything else that would dry out your lips or cause irritation.

Each of these Lip Butters is Gluten Free and Corn Free!

Clear - Tube
If you want to keep your lips looking and feeling moisturized, nourished and naturally glossy - S..
Bubble Gum - Tube
Nourishing clear lip butter with a fun bubble gum flavor. This flavor gives your lips a slight ti..
Creamsicle - Tube
Nourishing clear lip butter with a fun orange cream flavor - like a Creamsicle! ..
Healing Herbal - Tube
Infused with the healing Melissa Herb, Herbal Lip Butter is a complete treat for problem lips and..
Very Berry - Tube
Nourishing clear lip butter with a fun berry flavor. ..
Luscious Retractable Lip
This outstanding Lip Brush has such a classy appearance and applies Signature Lip Butters or any ..
Clear - Pot
If you want to keep your lips moisturized, healthy and naturally glossy - Signature Clear Lip But..
CherDelite - Pot
CherDelite, derived from our own Plum Delight, is a beautiful shade of Plum that is slightly pear..
Cindy - Pot
Cindy is a lush, yet oh-so-natural, lip color derived from our own Cocoa shade. This lovely c..
Karmen - Pot
Karmen is a beautiful lip butter derived from our own ever-popular Roseberry shade. Just lovely!!..
Kay  - Pot
Kay is a very natural pink lip butter derived from our own Damask Pink shade. This pretty NUDE pi..
Keri  - Pot
Keri is a glamorous shimmering lip butter derived from our own metallic Copper shade. For bes..
Lauren  - Pot
Lauren is a rich, pearlescent wine lip butter derived from our own Bordeaux shade. Makes for lush..
Meg  - Pot
Meg is a very pretty rosey pink lip butter derived from a blend of a few of our own mineral shade..
Susanna - Pot
Susanna, derived from our own Terra Cotta, is a very natural shade of earthen clay. This is a com..
Lip Trio - Autumn
Autumn is a beautiful trio made up of Susanna, Cindy, and Keri Lip Butters. Perfect for anyone wh..
Lip Trio - Poe
Aptly named for Edgar Allen Poe, this trio was designed to create dark dramatic lips. Also safe o..
Lip Trio - Wine & Roses
Wine and Roses is a beautiful trio made up of Lauren, Karmen, and Kay Lip Butters. Perfect for an..