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Sizes and Pricing:
10g sifter jar/3g net wt. ($10.00) full size
5g sifter jar/1.5g net wt. ($5.00) petite


Hebe - Sh
Sparkling, shimmery, luminous rosey pink! Awesome on eyes and makes a pretty shimmery blush! Use ..
Indigo - Sh
Deep, rich, shimmery - Indigo is a beautiful deep blue that is perfect for lids and creases and m..
Jo's Sandcastle - Sh
Like a sandcastle in the sun - this is a natural sand color with the slightest shimmer. ..
Lavender Ice - Sh
A very light lavender shade with just a touch of white gold shimmer. ..
Moon - Sh
A beautiful smoky blue shade with slight silver hues. With this shade, you can easily create very..
Moon Crest - Sh
A shimmery silver shade that gives the appearance of moonlight dancing off the crest of a wave. ..
Nikki's Emerald  - Sh
Beautiful emerald green with lots of shimmer. ..
Olivine - Sh
Reminiscent of the Greek Isles, Olivine is a rich creamy golden olive with a beautiful shimmer. A..
Pandia - Sh
Bright yet light, Pandia is a shimmering golden greenish/yellow. Makes a pretty lid color for spr..
Paris Blue - Sh
Paris is a silvery blue with slightly golden undertones. Pure elegance! With one sweep it is..
Peridot - Sh
Shimmers of green and gold make this beautiful green a true gem! So very, very pretty! ..
Rose Quartz - Sh
This pretty rosy pink is a medium shade that shimmers with crystal-like sparkles in the sunlight...
Sky Blue - Sh
The palest of blues, this barely-there blue shadow with a very sheer silvery shimmer. ..
Soft Pink - Sh
A delicate white pink frost with just the slightest tad of lilac. ..
Sparkle - Sh
Pure shimmer and shine - use as is, or mix with any shade. ..
Sun - Sh
Pure gold. This sunny gold is nice and shimmery (not metallic). An elegant Eye Color. ..
Winsor Violet - Sh
Deep, rich, shimmering - this is the most beautiful violet! It looks great on lids and creases an..