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Sizes and Pricing:
10g sifter jar/3g net wt. ($10.00) full size
5g sifter jar/1.5g net wt. ($5.00) petite


Athena - P
This shimmering golden pink is like a bubbling victory toast! Pretty on lids and makes a gorgeous..
Bordeaux - P
A very rich rosy shade created from a blend of rubies and berries with just a touch of plum under..
Butterfly - P
The most beautiful light shade of periwinkle blue with gentle hints of shimmery lilac. ..
Butternut - P
Inspired by the beautiful butternut squash, this pearl is delicate and very light (lighter than i..
Champagne - P
A nude golden frost with just a hint of pink that gives a delicate glow to your eyes. This sh..
Cocoa - P
An earthy medium brown shade with a dash of copper. Very natural. ..
Dandelion - P
This pearl is delicate and very light (lighter than it appears in the jar or photo). It makes a r..
Demeter - P
This deep golden wheat glimmers like the sun dancing on a swaying wheat field - so very pretty, t..
Driftwood - P
An earthy medium brown with hints of gold. This shade gives your lids a bare yet glistening color..
Fuchsia - P
A delicate blend of pink and lilac, Fuchsia is a 'pretty pink' shade that is beautiful as an eye ..
Gaia - P
Pearly green with a slight hint of blue - lovely! Greek Myth: Mother Earth. ..
Golden Salmon - P
A very natural peachy pink shade with a touch of golden hues. Also makes a wonderful blush an..
Gray Fox - P
Brown with pearly silver/gray highlights. Very nice! ..
Hemera - P
This luminous pearl is a very light shade that changes from pinkish to bluish depending on the li..
Hera - P
Grayish green with golden undertones, Hera is just gorgeous ~ an instant classic! Greek Myth..
Hibiscus - P
A delicate pink on pink, Hibiscus adds just a bit of pink luster to your eye lids and makes a gre..
Iced Mocha - P
Inspired by the sun shimmering off a tall iced mocha, this pearly golden mocha is a beauty! Try i..
Lavender - P
This beautiful lavender shade, with just the slightest hint of iridescence, will really light up ..
Majesty - P
Like "purple mountains majesty", this silvery purple was inspired by the color of the mountains a..
Nyx - P
A deep purplish-blue (or bluish purple) with a dark brown base ~ this deep pearl makes a gorgeous..
Pink - P
A medium dusty pink shade that has ever-so-slight purplish undertones. Trust us - it's pink! ..