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Sizes and Pricing:
10g sifter jar/3g net wt. ($10.00) full size
5g sifter jar/1.5g net wt. ($5.00) petite


Accent - SM
Lovely soft eggshell that makes a perfect accent and highlighter- goes with any eye color. ..
Beige - SM
Gives you a luminous yet barely-there nude look that is great on lids. Makes a beautiful highligh..
Black Liner - M
Black Eye Liner.Apply dry to achieve a softer look. Apply wet to achieve a more intense look. ..
Charcoal - SM
Silky almost luminous charcoal - the perfect charcoal liner and great for creating smoky eyes. ..
Cream - M
This beautiful matte cream makes a great highlighter and goes well with almost any shade. ..
Eggplant Dark - M
A beautiful smoky plum shade that can be used to achieve both dramatic and very natural looks. ..
Eggplant Light - M
  A very pale plum to lavender shade that works beautifully as an eye shadow and highlig..
Granite - SM
A rich brownish toned granite that makes a beautiful shadow and liner. ..
Midnight Blue - M
A dark dramatic shade that appears on the skin as a blue charcoal. Creates a dramatic effect ..
Moss Dark - SM
A very silky dark moss shade that goes great with Moss Light and all browns. ..
Moss Light - M
An earthy yet fairly light shade of green. ..
Soft Brown - M
A delicate warm brown shade with just a slight hint of pink undertones. Earthy and natural. Matte..
Taupe - M
A classic. The most beautiful shade of brown with just the slightest hint of raisin undertones. ..
Terra Cotta - M
If the name makes you think of pottery then you understand this shade! This is a medium earthy cl..
Terre Dark - M
A deep earthy brown that can create the most dramatic or the most natural effect. Goes well w..
Terre Light - M
A very light and subtle earth tone that appears almost nude. Compliment this gentle shade wit..
Terre Medium - M
A medium to light brown shade that looks very earthy and natural on lids. Compliment this sha..
Violet - M
The perfect medium violet in a total matte. Sooooo pretty! ..
Waves - M
A touch of this beautiful light ocean blue on your eyelids or creases will make your baby blues "..
White - M
It's exactly that - white. Works great as a highlighter and can be used to lighten other Eye Colo..