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Greek Series

Greek Series
Sizes and Pricing:
10g sifter jar/3g net wt. ($10.00) full size
5g sifter jar/1.5g net wt. ($5.00) petite


Athena - P
This shimmering golden pink is like a bubbling victory toast! Pretty on lids and makes a gorgeous..
Demeter - P
This deep golden wheat glimmers like the sun dancing on a swaying wheat field - so very pretty, t..
Gaia - P
Pearly green with a slight hint of blue - lovely! Greek Myth: Mother Earth. ..
Hebe - Sh
Sparkling, shimmery, luminous rosey pink! Awesome on eyes and makes a pretty shimmery blush! Use ..
Hemera - P
This luminous pearl is a very light shade that changes from pinkish to bluish depending on the li..
Hera - P
Grayish green with golden undertones, Hera is just gorgeous ~ an instant classic! Greek Myth..
Hestia - SM
This awesome bronzed pumpkin is rich, dewey and slightly luminous. - Gorgeous!! It can be us..
Nyx - P
A deep purplish-blue (or bluish purple) with a dark brown base ~ this deep pearl makes a gorgeous..
Pandia - Sh
Bright yet light, Pandia is a shimmering golden greenish/yellow. Makes a pretty lid color for spr..
Rhea - P
Deep and rich like the most fertile soil, this golden brown is great for lids and makes a beautif..