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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions about Signature Mineral Makeup answered!

Frequently Asked Questions

Foundation FAQ:

Q: "I don't know my foundation shade, can you help me?"

Q: "Some foundations slide off my face by midday, what kind of staying power can I expect from Signature Mineral Foundation?"

Q: "What kind of finish does this mineral foundation have?"

Acne FAQ:

Q: "I have acne, is this makeup safe for me?"

Q: "Will this mineral makeup really cover my acne?"

Q: "Will sleeping in Signature Minerals make my acne worse?"

Q: "Do you recommend sleeping in Signature Minerals?"

Ingredients FAQ:

Q: "What are the ingredients in Signature Minerals?"

Q: "Do you use micronized minerals?"

Q: "I can't wear makeup that contains bismuth, does Signature contain Bismuth?"

Q: "Does any of this makeup contain any cornstarch or talc?"

Extreme Skin Types FAQ:

Q. I have very dry skin and I need a makeup that does not dry me out or look flakey, do you think Signature Minerals will work for me?

Q. My face is very oily so I am in need of oil and shine control. Should I even bother trying Signature mineral makeup?

General FAQ:

Q: "What is the shelf life of Signature Minerals?"

Q: Do I have to register or join a club to purchase Signature Minerals?

Sun & Water Protection FAQ:

Q. "Does Signature Minerals have SPF?"

Q. Can Signature mineral makeup replace my sunscreen / sunblock?

Q. "Is Signature Minerals waterproof?"

Signature Minerals Size FAQ:

Q. "What are the sizes of Signature Mineral makeup?"

Q. "I ordered a 30g foundation and it says 10g on the jar - did you send the wrong size?"

Q. "How do Signature Minerals makeup sizes compare with the sizes of other mineral brands?"

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