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Luscious Brushes

Luscious Brushes

Be prepared to fall in love...

Truly the best of the best, each of these lovely brushes is crafted from the finest, softest synthetic hairs you have ever encountered. They apply minerals beautifully and yet feel like pure silk on your skin.

They are softer than the softest animal hair brushes and, best of all, they have absolutely ZERO potential for skin irritation! Perfect for everyone - even those with ultra sensitive skin!

After using these Luscious Brushes, you may never be satisfied with any brush line again. They are that amazing!

2 for 10 Eye Brushes - You choose!
Luscious  Handy Kabuki
This Kabuki brush applies minerals with a beautiful full coverage, feels like pure silk on your s..
Luscious  Handy Flat Top
Like no other flat top brush! What makes it different? Unlike other flat tops you've seen, the Lu..
Luscious  Blush
If you want the perfect cheek ~ this is your brush! This wonderfully unique brush was designe..
Luscious  Angled Face
With an angled and slightly tapered head, your Luscious Angled Face Brush glides across your skin..
Luscious  Soft Finish
This Soft Finish Brush has the perfect head for dusting on your Finishing Veils and all over face..
Luscious Complete Cover
Your Luscious Complete Cover Brush is the ultimate in multi-tasking! With this brush, you can bea..
Luscious Large Concealer
This is a larger version of your Luscious Concealer Brush. It has a rounded, flat tapered head th..
Luscious Concealer
So nice! The flat tapered head conceals beautifully and is small enough to conceal or blend in th..
Luscious Eye Shadow
This brush is perfect for applying and blending your Eye Colors. The soft synthetic hairs really ..
Luscious Crease/Smudge
Your Luscious Crease Smudge Brush has a beautiful round head that is great for crease application..
Luscious Angled Liner
Lining your eyes has never been easier! From natural to smoky to very dramatic - This liner ..
Luscious Thin Liner
This liner is perfect for achieving that fine, thin precision line. ZERO potential for irrita..
Luscious Wet/Dry
This Wet/Dry Brush has a short, flat tapered head that is absolutely perfect for wet application ..
Flocked Sponge
If you like flocked sponges, you are going to love this one! This little pink beauty is the perfe..
Luscious Retractable Lip
This outstanding Lip Brush has such a classy appearance and applies Signature Lip Butters or any ..
Luscious Dispensing Brush
Versatile. This Dispensing brush is perfect for dusting on your finishing veil, bronzer and blush..